Saturday, 30 May 2015

Gravity Project: Intergalactic

Intergalactic: (adj.)
Existing or occuring in the space between galaxies...

Is that what these blocks do? Exist in the space between galaxies? Maybe. They're going to end up between other blocks in the grand scheme of things when this quilt is all said and done.

All I know for sure is that they co-mingled rather nicely with the Kona Kandy in Anja's identical blocks! It was so much fun working on blocks together at our Maritime Modern Quilt Guild's Sew-In last weekend...these quilts are going to be stunning!

Linking up with Busy Hands Quilts for the Gravity Quilt-A-Long! 


  1. What a cool block! I'm looking forward to seeing this project in all its glory whenever it is done. :)

  2. Still lookin' good. And I'm still resisting.

    It grows harder with each post.

  3. Purple is my favourite colour! And I love it paired with green. Looks great!

  4. My blocks had fun playing with yours. Making these blocks is more fun than I had anticipated.

  5. The photographs are stunning, so crisp and clear! Great job!