Monday, 18 May 2015

Project:Robot Rescue **Up For Adoption!**

After spending Saturday morning hiking at Polly Cove I was "in my happy place" and ready for my second date with the Giant Wiggler. I'm happy to say that in no time at all The Robot wiggled it's way to my heart  a finish. There were some awkward moments, a few fleeting "what the hell am I doing here" thoughts but before long I found myself at the end of our date with a glass of whiskey in my hand and pleasantly recalled an afternoon well spent.

I chose an open, simple edge to edge design called Charms. Since the fabric is old and the stitching somewhat "fragile" I thought that an overabundance of stitching might perforate the cotton too heavily and compromise the quilts longevity.  The Robot didn't  seem to mind taking things slow & easy and strutted his stuff with flirty little options like "add pattern", "auto fill" and "move start point". He impressed me with polite questions such as "Did your thread break?" and "Is this where you want to start stitching?". That charmer even reminded me to "cut thread" and "make sure needle is in up position". Friends, this fella turned out to be a complete gentleman! I can't wait to see him again!

I decided that several of the vintage fabrics bear strong resemblances to modern prints and a few pieces of the solids are reminiscent of the shot cottons that people are all over these days. Who ever made this flimsy was ahead of her time! I had only one fabric in my stash that seemed colour appropriate for binding; I think it was actually a Christmas print, though there's nothing very Christmasy about it. The Kona Nerd in me would have liked a solid navy binding but alas, since I have not achieved Kona Badass status I didn't have any, nor can I tell you which shade of the 300+ would have been the perfect choice.  So, I went ahead with the lowly Christmas print, this was after all a Christmas gift to me in the first place so in some small way it seems fitting.

For a vintage quilt top that was in violation of every subsection of the Building Code it turned out rather nicely. There are 2 noticeble puckers and some areas of slight fullness here and there but, all in all, it looks pretty good. Well, as long as you don't measure it or fold it too neatly...this puppy is not square. Didn't ya know? It's not hip to be square in the rescue world.

Now, like all good rescue stories, this senior puppy needs a forever home. All my years of rescue work have been spent helping Springer Spaniels in need and back in the day I helped to found the non profit organization Springer Spaniel Rescue of Eastern and Central Canada. You all know by now that I'm a sucker for those springy things no matter what their age, but the old fellas are the hardest to place. No one wants the old guys. It's the saddest and hardest truth of rescue.

This oldie needs someone who will love him despite his wrinkles, will bathe him gently and understand that he may not be around for a long time. He may require mending from time to time as his antique joints get weak but he'll be happy to warm your lap and hang out on your couch just as well as any old springy thing could.

I'm going to foster him here til suitable housing can be found. If you think you might be able to offer a loving environment to this senior quilt, please contact me. His adoption fee is a mandatory donation of $75CAN payable to Springer Rescue as mentioned above. And, aside from helping out a springy thing in need, you'll get a quilt and an income tax receipt!

Rescue for Rescue.
Can it get anybetter??


  1. Such an awesome idea to help a group that you support! I'm glad you and the wiggler are getting along well, your rescue proves a successful date! :)

  2. Aw...that's so nice. Glad you and the Giant Wiggler are now friends.

  3. What a wonderful thing to do.

  4. So glad that your second date with the Giant Wiggler went better than the first. Honestly, I expected you to have set up a bail out plan with one of your MMQG peeps. "Okay... call me at 7... if it's not going well, I'll say it's my roommate and that she NEEDS me to come home. Okay? If it's going fine, I'll call you grandma and say I couldn't possibly not answer when my dear old grannie calls"

  5. Awesome job on the rescue , the quilt looks wonderful and I like your cause , hope you find a new owner soon .

  6. I will take it if it is still available:) this quilt,if colours are accurate, will work in my spare room and buying this will save my having to make one more project that might not get finished before I redo that room again,LOL