Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Polly Cove: Traipsing Across The Low Side

Seems we always go to the High Side. The views are a wee bit more breath taking over there but mostly it's just habit. Yesterday we decided to take the path less traveled and head on down to the Low Side. There's a wee sandy beach on the Low Side that only appears when the tide is down...a tiny spot of Atlantic Paradise in the midst of all that granite.

This Crazy Cooter of mine doesn't care which way we go as long as we end up somewhere he can swim. The Mexican and his girl Izzy, both of whom could care less about water sports, were busy munching on dead crabs. The fisherman are using them as lobster bait on the trap spindles now so plenty of crunchy body parts are washing's a seafood buffet for the scruffs these days. Yuck.

Flushingwings Crazy Cooter
...9 years of nutball still going strong...

That happy springy face says:

"Throw the stick.
Throw it now.
I LOVE Polly Cove Mum!
Throw it.  Again.
This is the best day ever.
Since the last best day ever.
Throw the stick.


  1. I love the absolute joy a dog can show when it is having fun. And that dialogue is spot on! :)

  2. Another joyful post - That happy springy face makes me smile all over, too.