Friday 8 May 2015

Three Steps Forward...

Assembly is simple mathematics...or, at least it should be.
*Note: I have life long history of hating math. 

Frame + broken parts = Wait × Frustration
Encoders - weak springs = Fiddling × Frustration 
Carriage ÷ wheels that don't touch = Tweaking × Frustration 
Motor × belts = Cursing × Frustration 

Are you seeing the common denominator in the equations?

Oh Pfaff Math... Go solve your own problems.

Been a long, hairy week. Four jam-packed 12 hour days that rival the schedule hair stylists expect a couple weeks before Christmas have kicked me in the teeth. I'm whooped. But, Mr. PurpleBoots was able to help build the robot tonight and I couldn't pass the opportunity to have a partner. Together we were able to get things moving along in the assembly department: the frame has belts, a motor and a machine. Putting the machine up there was pretty exciting I must say!

...the heart of the robot...

Next up, handles, power and a brain.
But now, I need sleep.
And in 5 short hours I will need copious amounts of brown holy water... and possibly whiskey in my oatmeal. 


  1. I am looking forward to the first photo of the Wiggler and a quilt.

  2. I feel your frustration. Mr.C and I are off to Centreville to see what the rest of the world created this winter. Be patient, it will all work out, and it's FRIDAY.

  3. Progress....that's good. Good luck with the remaining assembly.

  4. Frustration! That's the common denominator. However, if I know you, that won't stop you for long. You'll be the Master of that beast in no time.

  5. Oh cursed Pfaff math. One would think that for the price paid, it would come with an elf (or two) to set the danged thing up. Courage, my friend. My fingers are crossed for some good wigglin' to come!

  6. Brown holy water should do the copious amounts...liquid courage ;)