Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hazzard County & Me

Friday nights at my house in the early 80's found 2 wide eyed, blonde haired little girls in pajamas glued to the TV screen while that mean ole Boss Hog got up to no good and The Duke boys tried to avoid arrest, week after week. Yup, we were the biggest little fans of The Dukes of Hazzard...God, we loved that show.

I decided when I was 8 years old and first saw Daisy Duke in her Jeep that I would be a Jeep Girl too when I grew up. Apparently that finally happened in 2012 when I brought a Jeep home on a whim...because that's clearly what grown up's do, they make major purchases without thinking them through. In my defense, Mr. PurpleBoots did say to get whatever made me happy when I left for the Hyundai store that day. It was a total ADHD moment...all those shiny new Jeeps lined up and just sitting there distracting me when I tried to drive past.  Now, if only I looked that good in cut off jeans, oh well, can't have it all.

Me & My Jeep, Daisy

Back in 2006 when Not-So-Little PurpleBoots was fairly young I got the boxed set of Dukes of Hazzard so we could enjoy the re-runs...well, my boy ate them up; the craziness and the car chases seemed to be as exciting for him as it was me when I was little. (Now, all you moms out there, you can stop judging me for letting him watch the show, because I know it was inappropriate...he had water guns and camoflauge pants too!) Around this time we got a second springy thing and the wee pup needed a name. My boy really wanted to name him Uncle Jesse. For the love of Dog, who can go to the door and call Uncle Jesse with a straight face? Not me. In the end he settled on Crazy Cooter, because "springers always got their ears on, right Mom?"

Crazy Cooter... Spread your wings ears and fly!

What's the point of this? Ok, Ok. I'm getting to it.

The Enabler was here Friday when I was putting the last bits of the Giant Wiggler together and we had fits of laughter when I read aloud the short blurb in the manual about oiling the machine. The robot has a dipstick. The word dipstick appeared in the paragraph at least a dozen times, I kid you not. Say it once it's not that funny...say it 10 times in 90 seconds and it's damn right hilarious. And what does ANY of this have to do with Hazzard County?

Yup, that's a wee dipstick.

"Enos, you Dipstick...."
Can you hear it? Do you remember?

Rosco P. Coltrane. Oh how that character could make me laugh!
This clumsy cop simply made the show; he was well played by James Best, who died on April 6th, 2015.

Rosco & Cooter

There's a nickname in the wind here...Rosco Robot.
Let's see if it sticks...


  1. Hey, Valerie, did you know you are a no-reply blogger? I was trying to reply to your comment about my flowers. BTW, it was 92 here today. Be careful what you wish for!