Thursday, 21 May 2015

YooHooo, Kona Nerds...

Psst.... You there. Yes, you.

Craftsy has a big sale on in honour of Memorial Day. I just ordered this new kit called Kona Cotton Pointy Quilt designed by Elizabeth Hartman.  

Kona Cotton Pointy Quilt
by Elizabeth Hartman

A box full of Kona Kandy and the pattern will be delivered for the delightful price of $114Can, shipping and duty INCLUDED! That's not too shabby for a top that'll work out to be 67x80.


Hurry up Gravity... I'm off in new directions!
It's entirely possible that this quilt was designed just for me as it easily & adequately represents my incredibly poor sense of direction. Somewhere there's a paper bag that I've been lost in, but I'm hard pressed to find it.


  1. I love Elizabeth Hartman patterns. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. You do have fun. I think somewhere I have saved that pattern for someday. Maybe we should designate a UFO day once a month, or patterns I bought and never used day. I expect to see the bows and arrows done next time this mop top needs harnassing.

  3. A former co-worker insisted SHE could get lost inside a phone booth.

    Have fun with your new indulgence!

  4. Oooh.. more temptation. Must. Focus. On. Current. Projects. Such as small children.

    P.S. Your day is coming, oh taunter of Kona Lovers. Your day is coming. The Badasses may just rise up...

  5. Those blues! *swoon* I need to avoid the sales this weekend, otherwise my fabric budget will be blown to bits! My sense of direction is sketchy at times too, so there are days I could get lost in a paper bag as well. Lol.