Thursday, 28 May 2015

Let's Ride!

Never wanted to get on a motorcycle, let alone learn to ride one.
But it happened.

Never wanted to own a motorcycle quilt, let alone set out to build one.
But that happened too.

Plans change. People change.
One thing leads to another.
3 bikes later, I look back and smile.

This quilt was a classic "brain on fire" episode. A spark that blew up in my explosion of "what if's" and "this might work's" that landed me, years later, here.

A few years ago I sketched my 2nd bike, a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard 800. I fondly called this bike Piggy for as much as I loved it I hoped he'd one day grow into a Hog. Thought I could free piece it-- HA! Changed my mind-- QUICK! So instead I drafted my bike in a fashion that I could see it paper pieced, enlarged it, tweaked it, pieced it, made some free pieced letters, put it all together, took it all apart, cut parts down, put it back together, basked in the glow, showed it off a bit, put it in the closet. Figured I'd quilt it, someday.

Someday came on Tuesday when I saw a flame panto for download when I was surfing quilting patterns over at Intelligent Quilting.
Had. To. Have. It.

Flames were the right choice!
"Hot Nights" by Apricot Moon 

Finally complete.
With a long arm I never thought I'd own.
Have to make another quilt someday, I ride a Fatboy now.
Like I said: Things change.

What better way to kick off this year's chilly riding season than to have a cozy bike quilt for my cold bones to curl up in when I get home!

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  1. I love it!! I'm amazed at how you come up with these great ideas.

  2. I never know whether to love or hate those brain on fire moments. Lol. I love the pieced motorcycle and the quote! So fitting for how things change. :)

  3. I love people who have the abbility to change! Your pattern, quiting and quilt are gorgeous!!!!

  4. Great work , not only are you a quilter you are a great designer. I am sure lots of bikers would love a quilt like that !

  5. Wonderful quilt. You certainly do take the bull by the horns and somehow wrangle 'til you get what you want.

    Speaking of bikes, I have been watching the progress of my next door neighbor (who has cancer) restore his Honda and side car. He is giving it to his sister. It is now painted a yellow green with sparkles!!! Spiffy!

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  7. This quilt is wicked good, Val. You never cease to amaze me! Did you know that flames make everything go faster? Guess you'll warm up even quicker with this one!

  8. This is truly fantastic!!