Monday, 1 June 2015

Oh Deer!

Life has a way of tossing out reality checks now and then. I've had several life changing moments thrown at me over the years but this last one might have been the most terrifying 30 seconds yet. Friday night this beautiful deer crossed my path and ended up trading her life for mine.

Broken, like my heart.
I am so sorry.

Deer are plentiful in my neck of the woods and normally I enjoy seeing them, but I prefer not to be riding my Fatboy at 80km an hour at the time. We were headed home just around dusk when this big doe happened to cross the road just as I was passing leaving me no time to panic, swerve or brake. Perhaps that's what saved me, maybe it was a troop of guardian angels riding with me or maybe the devil's not quite ready for me yet?

What ever the reason, I am grateful.

When I saw her leap out of the ditch, knowing I couldn't stop, I instantly pegged myself for dead. This was it, my greatest fear suddenly realized. In mere seconds I thought about my son, my husband, my family.

But I got lucky. I got a chance to tell the people I care about how much I love them. I got to wrap my arms around my child, my husband, my dogs and wake to see another day. I walked away from a motorcycle accident and that my friends, is a rare gift, the magnitude of which is not lost on me.

I walked.

Can't help but think of my friends friend who hit one near Truro a couple weeks ago who will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, paralyzed. Can't help but feel sorry for that animal who lay broken and afraid until the RCMP Officer arrived to bring her peace. Can't help but feel good about the kindness of countless people who stopped to offer assistance. Can't help but feel gratitude for that one friend who came in a heartbeat to help get me & my bike home and asked no questions, offered no opinions or advice...just came. Can't help but wonder if I might ever be settled enough to actually enjoy riding my bike again.

I walked away.

I am hurt but not badly.
My bike is messed up but it can be fixed.
The deer keeps running in front of my minds eye but eventually the image will rest and so will I.

Life is short and it can change forever in seconds.
I already knew this.
But I am reminded.

So now, because I can, I'm reminding you:
Life is short.
Follow your joy.
Tell people you love them every chance you get.


  1. May you keep on walking, running, quilting, drinking, laughing, riding, cooking & sharing your joy with your world. I'm so grateful the powers that be decided you have more joy to share in the world.

  2. Your quilty sisters would have been heart broken if anything worse would have happened. We need to get together and make some bumper pads for fatboy (any maybe you too)

  3. Thank goodness you did walk away. We are all so grateful. My daughter hit a deer on grad night. Totalled the car. Thankfully she and her passengers were okay. Take care Val, one day at a time.

  4. I'm so glad you "walked" my friend. God is good, and it was not your time. So very grateful.

  5. What a heart-wrenching story. Recover swiftly.

  6. You are a gifted story teller . . . thank you for sharing this reality check with all of us. Please be gentle with yourself as you heal (inside and out).

  7. Sister Purple Boots is VERY thankful for Fat Fenders (not quarters) and an intact Vallie! I love you! (Now stop scaring me, I'm delicate)

  8. So glad to know you're okay!! We've got a lot of deer down here in KY, it's always scary to hear somebody has had an accident involving one because you never know how bad it is. Thank goodness you walked away with minimal damage, and thank goodness the deer was able to be to rest shortly afterwards rather than running off and suffering.

  9. I'm glad you're okay. What a frightful experience.

  10. You tell a fine story, my friend. I am very, very grateful that this one had a happy ending. ♥

  11. Holy crap! That must have been so scary. Glad you are safe, now take good care of yourself, inside and out.

  12. Oh my heavens. Thank goodness you are in one piece, and well. Sending you hugs as you recover.

  13. That was a close call. So glad you walked. Sending you a big hug.

  14. Wonderful post and I am so happy you were able to walk away, so many don't . Your words are so true , we never know what is waiting for us around the bend so very important to tell those we love that we love them and give them a hug every chance we get . Take care .

  15. Yes. Deer and bikes aren't meant to mix. I gave up riding when I became a mommy. Glad you were not hurt badly!!!