Thursday, 11 June 2015

Gravity Project: Celestial

Time again for a little Gravity report.

The fifth block in the project is called Celestial. The Jaybird rulers made cutting the jewel shapes slick as sh*t...and because everything is cut so well it pieced up like a dream. These were one of the few blocks where I actually bothered to press a couple seams open. That whole open seam pressing is a bother to me...takes too much time, ruins a good ditch in which I might like to one day stitch and I tend to burn my finger--every single time! But here, that one long center seam where all those jewel points intersect really needed it so I gave in and opened 'er up.

These are by far my favourite blocks in the whole quilt. I am especially drawn to the peachy pink one... weird and unusual colours for me, I know. What odds? I must have hit my wee head recently... it's a little on the girly side for me.

I've been plugging away on the background pieces too...remember I mentioned I might have jumped ahead of the Quilt-A-Long? And so I just had to put some of the sections together. It was kinda exciting to see how this is coming together. It's also kinda tough to hold back and not just finish the darn thing.

"Slowin' my roll" is not easy for me.  I cut background pieces twice last week, couldn't do it all in one session. It was agony with my banged up body, it may or may not have involved some tears, but if I wanted to sew I had to cut. I managed. Funny how we take for granted simple movements, postures and activities...things we do mindlessly that we never consider might one day be difficult for us. Like cutting fabric, pulling open a door, getting into a bed, or sneezing for example, all suddenly that "make-me-want-to-throw-up" sort of difficult.

There's been a lot of down time for me the last two weeks.
I'm not good at down time.
I don't like down time.
I need new shoes.

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  1. You're on background pieces already? Damn you're quick. Guess I better catch up. LOL I think you have done well for being injured. Don't do much though.

  2. I always hate those sudden reminders that things that used to be easy aren't all that easy if you get hurt/have surgery/etc. But at least it makes us all the more thankful for it once we can do it again! Your blocks are coming together beautifully! I always get impatient with things once I get on a roll, I just can't help it! Lol.

  3. Yup - did a face plant while walking the grand-dog yesterday. Today the right ankle and hand are complaining loudly. New glasses have also been ordered, too (I'd only had them since last Saturday -- sheesh).

    Gentle hugs!

  4. Your blocks look so good all lined up like that.