Friday, 26 June 2015

Gravity Project: UltraViolet

Aah yes...Ultraviolet. The word itself summons worrisome thoughts of harmful rays but not in this case.

These 2 blocks are delightful in colour and form. You can bask in the glow of the groovy purples and sunny yellows all the day long and they'll bring forth no new suspicious moles or dodgy freckles and require no won't even need your sunglasses!

Linking up with Busy Hands Quilts for the Gravity Quilt-A-Long! 


  1. Looking good, those purples are absolutely yummy! :)

  2. The blocks are coming along nicely!

  3. This one just keeps on tempting me... maybe when I finish Technicolor Galaxy. (She laughs... as if that will be anytime soon).