Thursday 25 June 2015

Hey Kona Nerds...A Lil Help Please?

Are you a Kona Lover? A Kona Nerd? A Kona Badass?

If so, I need your help!

I'm on a mission to build a quilt celebrating our beloved rainbow of cotton-y goodness. Here's what you can do to help me out:

There are 303 shades of Kona. What's your favourite? Is it the name or the colour itself that sucks you in everytime? I find some words are more fun to say than Grellow for example, that's a fun word.  I'm asking you to think about this and then using that colour build me a block that says the name of your favourite colour. You can piece, paper piece, free piece, applique, embroider or cross stitch your Kona's name. Blocks can be any shape and pretty much how ever long they need to be to get all the letters in there- big, small, doesn't matter. No prints please.... use ONLY Kona solids in the blocks. Don't worry about squaring them up or letters being "perfect"...this isn't about perfect points, I'm an improv gal so whatever you come up with I can make it work.

Can't decide on one colour, make as many as you like! The quilt will be as big as the blocks dictate. When you're finished send me an email so I can let you know how to mail your block to me. Blocks are due in by mid August to allow me time to finish the quilt for the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild's show at the Fiber Art Festival in Amherst, NS this fall.

Feel free to grab the Kona Nerd photo above for your blog and link it back to this post so folks can see what we're doing. Maybe you could pass the word...tell your peeps, share the Kona love. The more words & colours the better!

I sure hope you'll help a quilty peep out...come on & play along, UNITE!!!!


  1. Let's say Citrus is my favourite colour. Are you expecting the block to be only in Citrus, or would you expect other colours to accompany it?

    1. Other colours are fine, probably need at least one other colour as background if you are piecing or doing applique.

  2. Are you looking for specific colour words? I love my collection of konas and would happily make one you are looking for.

  3. Had to go back and re-read the instructions. Didn't realize the block had to spell out the name of the colour. I thought you just used the colour in the block. LOL

  4. Before I go any further with my block, does it matter if the background is the colour or if the word is the colour???

  5. how can we know what words and colors have already been chosen?

  6. What a fun challenge and I can see this is going to be an amazing quilt!

  7. Sounds like fun! I'm in. I'll post about this today on my Selvage Blog.

  8. I will try to get something done by next week-end. (sending you a PM on FB)