Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Round and Round

Packed up the Jeep on Monday with a bunch of sewing stuff, grabbed my buddy Linda over at Scrapmaster and zoomed up the highway. When Voodoo Duck gets in a bag you know things are about to get interesting...

We signed up for a full day class at It's Sew Time, in Elmsdale, to finally learn how to play with the circle attachments added to my arsenal of weapons toolbox back at Christmas time. And learn we did. Not only did I figure out how to twirl away in circle-y glee I also learned how-not-to install my zipper foot, how to sew in a normal zipper with the whirlygig thingy and how slick putting in invisible zippers can be with a fancy little foot from Pfaff. All this and about another gazillion things about my Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2 that I never knew for 35 bucks and some gas. I rarely take classes...too busy, too expensive, too far, too whatever-excuse-fits...though as proven on Monday, I clearly should take more! Classes are good!

We made these little sewing cases as a way to learn all these new skills. Figuring out the spacing for the lettering took a long time, the rest was simpler. Sort of.

There are zippers and pockets on this wee thing's actually kinda cute. I am seriously crushing on the interior fabric, a new FQ addition picked up at my LQS on Saturday. (Could. Not. Wait. To. Use. It. Must. Buy. More...MUCH. MORE.)

Look at my pockets all matched up & know how I am about matching prints, remember the elephants?

In BIGGER news, there's a lil reno happening in my quilty corner. A giant wiggler is coming to nest here and these doors had to go to free up the floorspace. My most awesome husband and my son are working away to get things ready for the arrival of my brand spankin' new Pfaff 18.8 long arm. 
More on that later...

(Pst... It's a robot. I've always wanted a robot.)

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  1. Your glee comes through loud and clear !

  2. Love that zipper pouch! Adorable!

  3. Was wonderful to spend the day with you and your pouch turned out just amazing. Mine is in the garbage! I tried to fix it a few times and it ended up destroyed. I really like it so I am going to start all over. So happy for you and your new longarm. No stopping you now!

  4. oh yes, rocking the skulls.... :)

  5. Sounds like you and Linda had a great time. It looks great.

  6. Hmm... so many things to learn about one's machine. Guess I should take a class like that one too! Lovely little project!
    Cotton prints are 31% off at your LQS... just sayin.

  7. Oh, yay!!! This is such great news! First of all that you got out of the house. Second that you got to use your new whirly thingy. Your pouch is gorgeous, by the way. And best of all... You got a robot! This is going to be FUN!

  8. I really love reading your blog Val. Makes me smile.