Saturday, 4 April 2015

Doors? What Doors?

My work here is done. I have worked my magic with the drywall compound, sanded my little heart out, primed and painted. Luckily there was just enough of each in those original Benjamin Moore cans to get me where I needed to go. The rest is up to my boys. They've just got to put in baseboards and a heater now to finish up my 93$ reno...which officially ranks it the cheapest "honey-I-have-an-idea" I've ever come up with.


The calendar continues with its lies. It's claiming to be Easter, but I just can't believe it. In fact, my pajamas are flannel Santa's today! I haven't put a single Easter decoration out this year, neglected to host my typical "Making Good Friday Great" party and though I have nibbled my way through a fair bit of chocolate lately,  I am nowhere near the Cadbury Cream Egg induced coma that would typically be overtaking me at this point of the year. Nope. Old Man Winter has his hands gripped tightly on us here in Nova Scotia; the weatherman is predicting another week of "springter". They say you shouldn't shoot the messenger, but let's just say Peter Coade and Cindy Day had best be watching their backs!

Made this little hanging quite a few years ago.
Seems I was in a wool driven, blanket stitching fury that year.

If the Easter Bunny happens to find you tonight, lucky you! Enjoy your eggies.
If he doesn't, the oh-so-hungry fox (clearly in socks) has probably eaten the damn rabbit and your chocolate.

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