Saturday, 18 April 2015

Slowly Getting Somewhere...

The Kona colours for the Gravity quilt are calling me but I'm doing my best to ignore their colourful pleas for immediate use until this Tula Pink madness that is "Peaks and Valleys" is done. Technically, if there is forward movement there is progress, right? Doesn't matter if the movement is as slow as turtles stampeding through peanut butter as long as there is forward movement; progress is progress. Even the Bunny Hop gets you some where eventually...

You know that joyful feeling when you finish piecing all your blocks and you finally get to lay them out to see how things are going look? I got there last night! No more HST's for me! Yippee!

You also know that sinking feeling when you lay out your blocks only to discover that you're 4 blocks short of a flimsy? I got there last night too. Clearly I didn't have enough HST's in my life after all. Poop.

So I stayed up way past my bedtime and went back to the cutting board.
Just. Keep. Sewing.

Finished up the last 4, pressed them out nice and flat...but...
Houston, we have a problem. This little elephant was marching completely in the wrong direction. (Enter seam ripper.)
Just. Keep. Sewing.

Finally, I was able to lay out all the blocks and shuffle them around til I got them into a half decent setting. A silver lining to currently being stuck in wait for the Giant Wiggler has appeared; suddenly I have a bit of floor space that is not a thoroughfare for the springy things, so I took full advantage of the space. My Ma was here at the time of this afternoons great shuffle and she just had cataract surgery yesterday on her only sighted eye, she is blind in the other. So, if you're not fussed with the placement feel free to blame her, I've been blaming her for things for years.

A couple rows have been assembled. The grand prize in this box of Tula Pink Cracker Jacks is suddenly realizing that despite the finicky & time consuming matching of all these little points in the vertical joining of blocks there will be no matching necessary in the horizontal rows. Phew.

The light at the end of the tunnel has appeared. While it is completely possible that it could be a little engine coming down the track to nail me, it could be that my virtue is being rewarded.

Just. Keep. Drinking. Sewing.

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  1. Yeah. It looks great. Can't wait to see it finished. I am sad that Giant Wiggler is delayed. But I haven't had a chance to use Wee Wiggler yet, so I guess we're even. LOL