Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sew A Little Springtime

Shuffled the rec-room around again to make room for the gals to come have a sewing weekend. We only took away a certain big-chair from a certain somebody for 2 nights...and you know he'll get over it since there was so much yummy food in the kitchen.

There was much stitching, of course a little bitching and as always, lots of laughs. There was some paper piecing going on, some delicious batiks managed to get themselves finished into a flimsy and The Enabler made some great progress on her Tardis Quilt. I managed to muster up some precision to put into some of those blasted blocks for the Tula Pink pattern Peaks & Valleys I had started quite a while back; I believe the count is at 30 now so just 6 more half blocks to go. I'm not sure why I ever decided to piece that particular quilt as the repetitive nature of the pattern is making me mental... my points however are rather impressive despite my boredom with the overwhelming number of HST's involved. And, since I clearly didn't have enough half square triangles in my life, I added a few more for good measure when I decided to piece up a Giant Vintage Star on a whim. Just eight fat quarters and a hunk of white Kona sliced and diced into big triangles turned out to be a super fun and fast flimsy that provided a welcome break from the tedium of Tula Pinks madness.

The Wee Wiggler went to its new home Saturday night making way for the Giant Wiggler to come home to roost. Waiting is the hardest part...I am not a terribly patient gal therefore that phone call from the Pfaff dealer just can't come soon enough. The girls are jockeying their flimsys for position already, I believe the wait list is fairly lengthy given the stacks of tops they've all got ready for me to "practice on"...seems I could well be doomed to a life in the basement slaving away at the helm of the new p3 Power Quilter. 

Spring seems to have finally arrived, the snow banks shrinking daily, so things are looking up! The Fatboy shed his winter blanket and sang a short song; rumbling music to my ears. I was poking around outside and signs of life are evident, but you've got to look under all the melting snow and ice to see it. The primroses are growing and I actually hauled a weed from the edge of a flower bed, hard to imagine that things are actually growing under all that ice; clearly the Earth knows it's Spring even though Old Man Winter wasn't quite ready to give up. 

Aah yes, our long awaited Spring has arrived...won't be long before my pig tails will be blowing in the breeze!
Just. Can't. Wait.


  1. Can't wait to see the finished products. Wee Wiggler is about as level as she's going to get. Hoping to test her out this week. Sadly, my poor little scooter didn't do any singing -- battery is back charging again -- will try tonight.

  2. Fun post!! So glad you are finding signs of spring ...

  3. Sounds like a very productive day... how does one get a flimsy into the Wiggler pile? :)

    My crocuses are up and almost ready to bloom... I'll be checking them hourly. If the Advil kicks in, I might even get those kiddos of mine out for a walk today! Yay Spring!