Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Avoidance Is Key

Or is it?

It's tax time.
This means my avoidance skills are currently being used at their highest capacity. I am absolutely allergic to book work. It has been the bane of my existence since starting my small business in 1995; the albatross around my neck every single spring for 20 years.  By now you'd think I'd have overcome, put into place a system that helps me deal with it or even hired someone to look after it...but, no. I avoid it like the bubonic plague every single year, put it so far out of my mind that is all but forgotten until Mr. Purpleboots starts reminding me.

Here we are again, crunch time. A years worth of paperwork needs done and receipts are scattered in every nook and cranny of this cluttered house of mine. The tax form software sits under a layer of dust on the desk waiting, taunting.

But there was other madness on my mind. A pot of brown holy water that required my full attention, a boxing class that couldn't be excused again, a shelf of novels that needed immediate thinning and a floor full of Tula Pinks insanity that begged for three final seams.

Months of grumbling came to an abrupt halt yesterday.
Finally, a finish! A little avoidance goes a long way. 

Today's finish has been brought to you by
the letters C-R and A...and by the number 31.

Oh, and in case you wondered...I did manage to haphazardly compile and do a preliminary sift & sort for the dreaded paperwork marathon that lies ahead this week. I also managed to drink some wine, cook dinner and watch some Netflix.

Not half bad for a days avoidance, eh? I think I'll call the day a success.


  1. I love paperwork and tax time is a breeze. Done in March, and money in the bank. Love this quilt, but oh my, all those seams.

  2. There is nothing so fatiguing as the never ending hanging on of an unfinished task . . . I had that phrase in my laundry room for years (I hate ironing). At least get a big box where you put all receipts for taxes all year long - it will make that part easier, at least. Your posts on avoidance have been great!

  3. It's looking good. You do know that time is running out for the dreaded taxes....stop procrastinating. LOL

  4. You should see how clean my house gets at report card time. :) You are far from alone in your avoidance!

    Quilt's looking good though!

  5. Those three last seems were worth it. Quilt looks fab! I feel the procrastination vibe, currently thinking I need to rearrange my silverware drawer instead of studying for my Project Manager exam. Would not want the little forks to mingle with the big ones!

  6. The quilt top is gorgeous! Congrats on finishing those three long seams. She's a beaut! I hear you on the paperwork avoidance. When the kids were littles, I used to be pretty good at avoiding housework. What? Company's coming? Quick! Shove all those dirty dishes in the oven! I am better now. Not cured mind you, but better.