Friday, 17 April 2015

Wait For It...

I'm not a patient person.

I make quick decisions. I am an impulsive person. I bought my little Jeep without even considering where I might put 3 springy things, my child or a bundle of toilet paper on grocery day. I bought my first motorcycle before I even had a license to ride. But for a whole month I tormented myself with the pro's and con's of upgrading to a long arm quilting machine. And when I say tormented, I mean it. This was not a whim...which is REALLY unusual for me. I actually thought about this. There was a crazy long list of reasons not to upgrade and a really short list of reasons why I should. Well, the "pro" list was maybe not really a list per se...there was only one line on that side of the chart. Wanna know what it was?

"I want one".

Funny how 3 little words were able to carry enough weight to tip the proverbial scale of a month long compounded list of practical, sound, reasons not to upgrade.

Been three weeks plus a day that I ordered my Giant Wiggler. You can imagine that the week of wait promised by the dealer was enough to kill me. But then another week came and went. And now here it is, Friday again. She's got the money and I've got the time.

My frame is on back order; can't do much without the frame.
Clearly the universe is punishing me for ignoring the chart.
And so, I must wait.
And that, my friends, is one of the hardest freakin' things for me to do.

The word alone carries an expectation of more.
It can't possibly indicate a 3 week pause.


It's so very difficult. In fact, the pain of waiting ranks right up there with the sharing of a favourite chocolate bar, admitting I miss my sister Judy, resisting the urge to add a new springy thing to our family, seeing a still pool and not jumping in to splash it up, cleaning the shower stall, stopping at one bottle of red wine on a Tuesday night, driving the speed limit when Ram Jam is shouting about Black Betty, watching snow melt...
Can you feel the agony?

Excuse me while I go borrow some pins from Voodoo Duck to poke into my left eye...


  1. I feel for you....not fair. But think of the fun you will have when you finally have it set up.

  2. I just hope the wait is truly because of the answer you were given. It took four months to get my foot pedal repaired because of a slack shop owner. Meanwhile get busy on those quilt tops

  3. Sharing chocolate bars is just not cool. They're single serving size, people. Single. Sharing. Nien! In any case, the wait will make the arrival of Giant Wiggler all the sweeter.

    Or drive you crazy.

    But I think you're partway there already. ☺

  4. it will be here this week. I decree it. You just needed someone to do that...