Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Great Debate

How do you say it?

This funny little piece of fabric has been kicking around in my stash since the mid-90's. Several years ago I did a major stash cleanse and bestowed upon a couple of my quilty peeps 4 giant, blue bags brimming with yardage. There was lots of great stuff in those bags...but as years go by and styles/tastes/trends change I knew I'd never actually use any of it. I believe in using things and so, I also believe we should pass it on.  But this little quarter yard of Couch Potato cuteness was spared. I thought it was just too funny to toss; I picked it up the very first time I ever visited Keepsake Quilting in New Hampshire. 

I've mentioned that I've been digging out. I've also mentioned I've been lazy.
It could've been bigger. It could've said more.'s okay just like this.

So regardless how you say doesn't matter  if you're on the couch.
And these days, that's exactly where I'd like to be. 

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  1. TOO TOO funny (whether you are on or off the couch)!!

  2. LOL! What a great idea to go with that fabric.

  3. Look at you linking up! So proud!
    (And happy that you told me what the blocks said... brain dead).

  4. Po-TAY-to. I am so proud of you, and honored that I had a little to do with it.

    (Millie is the cat)

  5. Awesome! Love the little couch potato on the chair.