Monday, 23 March 2015


I hate to add myself to the harmony of the voices of folks fed right the f*ck up with winter but, I am defeated. Old Man Winter- you win! I give up. I want to hibernate. I don't want to go outside. I want to sit. Eat chocolate. Drink whiskey. Maybe sew a little. Dream of June.

We haven't seen snow like this in years...many, many years. I do remember real Canadian winters like this as a child, but this...this is not what we've grown accustomed to in latter years here on the coast of Nova Scotia. The calendar says it's Spring now, but clearly, it lies.

Things have slowed around here to a snails pace, my laziness has thwarted my productivity so there is little to report. There was some serious retail therapy at Avonport Discount Fabrics with The Enabler on the weekend. In fact, I ended up partaking in so much therapy that it required me to finally spend an evening folding, sorting, stacking & tidying up the quilting room just so I could squirrel it all away. I can almost see my desk now! Now, I didn't get carried away with myself and tackle the overflowing scrap totes, baskets or bags...but a little order is better than no order, right?

I quilted up my Tula Pink jelly roll throw; figured I should swirl the bejeezuz out of it just to help commit the new FMQ movements to my muscle memory. It's funny how often my arms want to revert to their meandering ways even though my head is yelling "swirl dammit, swirl". The evidence of the Head vs. Arms fight is visible in a few spots at close inspection of the quilting...but hey, it just adds to the charm, right? And, speaking of charm...check out the pieced back on this puppy. I think left over charm squares and boring hand-me-down fabric came together rather brilliantly for my make-it-do, make-it-modern backing.

At this very minute I should be wrapping my hands up nice & tight and pulling on my boxing gloves. It's Monday, I should be boxing. But it's awfully cold out there and, since all schools were closed today with weather related concerns, my boy went trucking with his Dad for the day. It's deliciously quiet here; the perfect cop-out/sewing opportunity. I did mention my current tendency to fall toward laziness, didn't I? So, I'll leave you with a glimpse of what I'm working on this morning...which ultimately is a direct statement as to how I'm feeling.

Look closely. Say it out loud.
Can you see where this is going?


  1. Took a few minutes, but yes, I see where this is going. It will be fab! Talking about fab...your TP strippy is super fab! Love all that gorgeous swirling going on. I just finished up swirling a quilt too. I know what you mean about veering off with another design. It all works! Don't forget we have our circle class a week from today. It seemed so far away when I signed up.

  2. Yeah for adding to the stash! Kudos for tidying. Can't wait to see what yo're working on.

  3. I spent some time tonight tidying, too. Too much snow!!!! Omigosh ....

  4. I hope one day that my children will see the outdoors. One day. I am one of the many who is fed up... and I don't even have to commute to work or shovel.

    Can I claim sleep deprivation as the reason I can't see the message in your letters? Please?