Sunday, 8 March 2015

Phew! Glad That's Behind Me...

Baby's First Class.

I should look to see if Hallmark makes a Christmas tree ornament to mark such an event. I am not a teacher; never dreamed of summers off or wished for a room of giggly children under my feet day in-day out. In the weeks leading up to March 7th's Improv Workshop for the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild I was so anxious and worried that I would be ineffective as a teacher I was tempted to flee Halifax! But since the students all managed to go home with 4 completed elements of free pieced quilty goodness I guess I managed to impart some of my self taught knowledge into their quilters brains...not their left brains though, I encouraged only their right brains.

Things went along pretty well. Nobody cried, no one got sent to the office and the gals played well together in their textile playground; the Quilt Police did not make a single appearance all day. There was laughter, squeals of delight, headscratching, blank stares, the steady hum of sewing machines and the oh-so-satisfying sound of fabric being sliced up. I heard The Enablers excitement when she exclaimed, "I'm sewing angles!" and the glee was unmistakable when another gal shouted out, "Look! I can't believe I just cut all those strips without a ruler!"  

I think I planned the exercises pretty well; glad to have taken the time to draw out the process on an easel sized pad of paper for reference. These plans helped me stay on track and I did notice many of the quilters using it for reference. We recreated the elements I made this week for Hope Lives in Pink Houses. A bit of breast cancer fabric was included in every single house made yesterday to honour my friend & hero, Bernie, who passed away a week ago today. I forgot to do a few take pictures for example, these are the only decent shots I have. Where are all those little hopeful houses? 

Could I be convinced to teach again? Probably. 
Only next time experience suggests my planning should include a big note to NOT sail down the river of red wine the night before class.


  1. Glad you survived and would be willing to do it again . . . Congratulations!!!

  2. Thank you, teacher!! It was an awesome day. A bit stressful without a pattern and not allowed to measure, but we learned lots. You should be pleased.

  3. Now that you have #1 class under your belt, there is no looking back. Only onward and upward and it does get easier. You did a wonderful job teaching your method of freepiecing. I learned a lot. And I will definitely be creating something new with lettering. I now have a new tool in my quilty belt. Thanks again girlie. You rock!

  4. Ahh... teachers only dream of summers off once they're up to their eyeballs in parent teacher interviews, standardized curricula, and staff meetings. The magic of the whole thing is seeing people (even big people) excited about learning something new. You're a teacher, Val. You just didn't know it. Welcome to the club!

  5. Love your lettering, Just wondering if you could recommend a book or site that teaches this technique. I love that its so free and random.

  6. Greetings from Cape Breton! I've been loving Linda's letters ever since you gave your class. Thought perhaps with a little nudge, you might do a tutorial!