Monday 3 August 2015

The Google Gremlins Strike Again!

Remember a while back when I mentioned that every once in a while one of my photos gets magically transformed out in cyberspace and lands itself discreetly back in the photo folder looking fabulous next to the original?  While I'm certain there is sound, technically based reasoning for this phenomenon I can't help but blame it on the Google Gremlins. I swear they play with this Samsung Tablet while I'm not paying attention.

It happened again today! I just got home and eagerly grabbed this tablet to take a peek at all my pictures from the weekend. Today I was boating with good friends in Halifax Harbour and took LOTS of pictures. I was the photographer for our excursion around the bay. On route back to the Bedford Basin from McNabs Island I captured a few shots of Theodore Tugboat. He was a much loved character of ours when Not-So-Little PurpleBoots was a Little PurpleBoots...we read books and watched television programs that were written about this fella. Clearly The Gremlins like him too...

They also appear to have loved yesterdays picture of this mare and her foal that we saw at the barn in the Annapolis Valley where my friend boards her horses. We were out riding our motorcycles and Beth wanted to stop to check on her horse whose foot is giving him some grief. What a lovely moment...this foal was about a month old; several babies were around at the farm, they are just so cute. Clearly the Google Gremlins have a soft spot for equestrian cuteness too...

It was a great holiday weekend here in Nova Scotia, the weather was perfect and I am glad to have gotten out and enjoyed every minute of it with good friends. It was a good thing too, had I not, those Gremlins just wouldn't have had anything to do.


  1. Love the pictures! That tugboat is too fun. :) And I'm a softie for animal pictures, they're just so...nice. :)