Wednesday 26 August 2015

It's A Jungle Out There

So many blogs. So many designers. So many perspectives. Navigating through social media and the digital age of quilting seems overwhelming sometimes but I love it. I love that inspiration is right there at the touch of a button. I never know when I click on a link to a quilty blog what I might find...what treasures will be waiting for me?

A few years ago I stumbled on to a blog called The Patchery Menagerie written by Lynne Tyler.  I was amazed at how she approached her work and more, I was happy that she shared the process. I was in awe of her ability to create without a pattern. This was my first introduction to the world of free piecing. Without knowing it this lady became my mentor and teacher, I ate up every post and studied every picture. Eventually my brain caught fire and exploded with my very own improv projects; first the Izz-A-Boo quilt and then The Purple Cow...letters began showing up in a lot of my work.

I was hooked. Done. Like. Dinner.

JUNGLE from Lynne Tyler of The Patchery Menagerie 

When I started talking about Project: Kona Nerds, Unite! I hoped to gather all sorts of blocks from all sorts of people and I couldn't have been happier when Lynne agreed to build me a block. Having a piece of Lynne in this quilt, even though she is by no means a Kona Nerd, is very special. Without her this project might never have happened. She lit my fire when my traditional tendencies were smouldering out...she gave me permission to play and I'm so glad she played along!


  1. Yup - Lynne is indeed a very special and inspiring person. Totally agree with you 😊

  2. Wow, wow, wow. You've made my day. Month. Year. I'm blushing. Thank you for your kind words and you are most welcome. When folks ask me why I blog, I say it's to share what I know. Your post validates that, and is the biggest benefit of blogging. It's the sharing, the learning and the finding new friends. It's so wonderful knowing that all that time I was going on and on, that somebody out there was listening and learning. I am so glad I helped you find your own creative voice.

    your pal,
    Lynne Tyler

    (Millie is the cat, who has her own story.)

  3. This block is fantastic. It's a good story too.

  4. Lynne is a great teacher, I took the Rail Fence from Cultural Fusion class with her earlier this summer - she has opened my world up too...such nice words about a lovely person.

  5. Awesome!! Can't wait to see all the blocks pieced together.

  6. So cool when one makes a connection with someone who has inspired them! Glad to see your Kona word collection is growing... if only there were more hours....

  7. You are one lucky girl! I look forward to seeing this quilt complete, in all its glory!

  8. Awesome addition to your awesome quilt.

  9. YES! She is awesome and inspiring and I join the cheering section :)