Saturday 23 April 2016

The Stashpocal-Wah? Part 2: The Full Disclosure

Ok. Ok.
There's more.

Yesterdays admission wasn't the whole story. Apparently "walkers" are also good at conveniently forgetting the whole truth...the fever clearly attacks the section of the brain that controls memory function.

All that new fabric had to go somewhere. If you remember back in January when the Stashpocalypse came upon us I had toppling towers of fat quarters. Those already precarious towers were in no way able to bear the weight of all the new acquisitions. A strategy would be necessary to contain the carnage.

(Oh. Wait. I'm getting ahead of my self...the sound of the woodpecker relentlessly drilling into the aluminum eaves trough is proving to be rather distracting.
Stupid bird. Stupid ADHD.)

Earlier this week I received a text from my good pal and foraging expert "Timbit" asking me if I knew anyone who might want to buy "this too cool to toss old chopping block table"?

Um...of course I knew someone. Me!! So it came to live in my sewing corner. I am head over heels in love with this 30" × 72", super solid 200lb vintage behemoth but it required a full on shake up of the sewing corner to make it fit. I had absolutely no plans of rearranging things down there but when opportunity strikes a walker walks.

Scratch head. Shuffle. Sort. Stack. Scratch head. Repeat.
(*OmiDog...the dust...cough...who lives here? These people are slobs. And when is the maid coming back?) Suddenly I found myself with a bookcase and a cupboard that had no place to live.

End result?

And it was during the stacking that I found this...

4 more hunks of cloth that had attached themselves to me in Mahone Bay a couple weeks back that were cleverly hiding in the mass grave of textile goodness already forgotten. Good thing that table made its way into this house! Without it I might never have unearthed that fabric and Not-So-Little PurpleBoots would never have gotten those deer pillowcases...which in turn would have meant he'd have had nothing on which to shed the tears he'll cry when he realizes he's doomed to a future of dead end jobs and dumpster diving without a college education.

What can I say?
Walkers gonna walk.

Friday 22 April 2016

The Stashpocal-Wah?


I bring you greetings on Day 113 of The Stashpocalypse...or whatever the hellish fever might be called that has befallen me over the last month.

Friends, I have been bitten; my immunity compromised and weakened, perhaps by grief. I have become a walker. This strange fever lures me from the safety of my cozy sewing nook into the outside world where fabric lies waiting for my touch. The outside calls to me...the fabric begs to assume residence in my cupboards. Resistance has proven futile. Broken are the blinders, the shackles, and the sheer determination that once kept me from the "Badlands".

I am not in control. My credit cards bear the scars, the carnage has mounted to a point where I can no longer hide it from my loved ones. It is possible that Mr. PurpleBoots may flee this marital union and Not-So-Little PurpleBoots may have to eat Kraft Dinner and forego any hope of future post secondary education.

It is in the spirit of honesty, admission, reconciliation and guilt that I share with you the following *very graphic photos* of the textiles that have made their way into my home over the last 3 weeks...

May Dog have mercy upon my walking quilters soul.

Friday 8 April 2016


Seems like it's been a long time since I've rambled at you. I'm feeling kinda quiet these days; puttering with this and that and not accomplishing a big bunch of anything really exciting.

I made a couple pillows for #87pillows: the initiative was the brainchild of one of our MMQG members & the guild jumped on it...we're making a 14" pillow for every resident at a nursing home here in Halifax.  I used the tutorial that The Hopeful Homemaker shared on her blog to make these...the 14" block was perfect for pillow fronts and sewed up easily.

Then I free pieced my 12" mini quilt for the swap the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild is doing with the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild...this is my kind of math! Such a cute project...I almost hate to give it away!

Did a bit of shopping at Patch...still flipping my finger to the Stashpocalypse.
There was also not one, but TWO trips to the fabric room at Suttle & Seawinds in Mahone Bay lately that aren't yet documented with photos. It's possible that I am out of control.

Taught a super fun class at Patch last weekend in improv piecing...used my sample pieces to make a pillow front. I finally rigged up the ruler foot & table on The Robot and busted out some long arm rulers. I played with the sampler piece and the fun, purple block I made at Denas paper piecing workshop months ago. Definitely a learning curve with the rulers there: Murphys Law clearly dictates that they'll always slip when you are on the fabric with the most contrast to your thread. Gonna need to practice this technique a lot more to really master the hold and the spacing...these are far from perfect, but they're done!

My avoidance is in high rather than concentrating on getting my income taxes done on time, I pulled out the commissioned T-shirt quilt that has been sitting in the cupboard for a couple months now. All the shirts are fused to a stabilizer and "a plan" is in place. I know when you see my sketch you'll wonder if there's a plan at all, but trust me, it's in my head. This afternoon I got a couple rows lined up...which pleases me. I actually want to work on it now.

Starting is always the hard part.
Sometimes you just have to force yourself to start.

Strike a match.
The fire will follow.