Friday 30 January 2015

First Time For Everything

My husband gets the mail each evening on his way home. To be honest, I couldn't if I wanted to as I have no idea which box is ours. I tried once many years ago and ended up trying the key in a dozen boxes before I hit the jackpot of bills and flyers. Last night as he was walking up the stairs he said something along the lines of (I was cooking dinner and only half paying attention), "I've been around you for a long time. I've seen you make all kinds of cards and crafty stuff. But I have never seen one of these. This is ALRIGHT! You need to make these!"

Um...Ok. He got my full attention. He walked across the room and handed me this:

(Sorry about the orientation, on my way to 'getting to good',
I will try to figure out how to rotate a photo!)
My friend Linda over at SCRAPMASTER had sewn & sent me this postcard in the mail! Little sneak asked for my address because, "I left something at her house" and she wanted to mail it to me. 

Not sure if you can read the writing but I had left something at her house...some scraps! She used them to make the postcard! It is so cute, I just love it. Best of all it made me smile! 

Isn't it rather happy making to get something in the mail that isn't a bill or a piece of junk? Maybe I should make some of these!


  1. Gorgeous! And yes, what fun to get that in the mail!

  2. Love the edge stitch she used - i love getting "real" mail!

  3. That Linda- scraps left at her house always end up turned into something beautiful!

  4. Yes, fabric postcards are way better to get in the mail than bills and flyers. I am waiting for one from Holland . Your little trimmings just screamed to me from the garbage can..what could I do?

    1. You are so welcome! That's my idea of fun! Ok with you if I link your blog posts up on our guild FB page? Let me know. You are doing a great job with the blogging BTW. Only thing I would suggest, you could have another option to follow your blog, like GFC connect, BlogLovin or email. Not everyone does Google+ (Me for example) and I don't want to miss anything!

  5. Ha ha ha, I need to go leave scraps at Linda's house!

  6. I left scraps too and received a beautiful postcard in the mail! Best mail ever!

  7. Leave it to Linda. I'm thinking I might try these.