Friday, 10 July 2015

Gravity Project: Cosmic

These Cosmic blocks reminded me of Christmas...just because of the colours, that's it. Red + Green = Christmas in my world. Of course Izzy was under my feet when I was working on them...that little dog is always under my feet... I previously wrote about our afternoon here.

Izzy is no stranger to Kona, because she's always underfoot, she often has chain pieced bits and pieces falling out of the sky and landing on her head. She doesn't seem bothered by it, it's just part of her Velcro Dog job description and it's important that dogs have jobs!

Ever wonder how the naming of colours happens? I used to wonder about it when I worked for Benjamin Moore; paint colours have fun names fun too. I used to imagine a group of folks sitting around (with drinks, of course!) brainstorming and having a good ole time chosing just the right name for a colour. The colours with unpredictable names always please me most although in this Cosmic instance they all kinda made sense. Just the same, looking over the Kona list of colours for these 2 blocks amused me anyway... names like Lipstick, Chinese Red, Holly, Clover, Kelly, Ruby, Pesto are all fun names for these shades and would make great additions to my Kona Nerd Project.

Are you planning to get in on the fun and send along a Kona word block? I can't wait to see some of those words come in! The first one to arrive was Aqua, it came from a gal on Prince Edward Island.

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  1. I forgot your block. :( I'll have to you by the deadline. Izzy makes a great design wall LOL

  2. I know that for their geographic colour collections, OPI (nail polish pushers) actually send their namers to the location in question. Colour namer is definitely in my dream job list - paint, nail polish, Konas.

    Your Gravity bits seem to be chugging along... I am still tempted. :)

  3. I need to meet this Izzy. She is a doll! and a fellow quilter to boot!

  4. Izzy is adorable - and your blocks are too!