Wednesday, 3 February 2016

If You Go Out In The Woods Today

When I was a small child my mother used to sing me a song that started like that...not that this post has anything at all to do with the Teddy Bears Picnic, but since I just spent some time traipsing around in the woods I thought it made for a catchy post title, don't ya think?

I finished up the scrappy binding on Star Bright this morning and needed to get some good pictures. I jumped into my boots and went into the back yard for only that purpose.

But it was such a nice day out there that the springy things demanded more. So, up the hill we went. I love spending time in the woods with the dogs. Seeing them so happy and running so freely makes me feel so good. I am lucky to live on the acreage that I've roamed since my childhood; there is something very grounding and peaceful  about being in familiar territory...knowing every path, retracing old footsteps, and remembering old times brings waves of gladness and, at times, sadness too. This place crosses many chapters of my life...the land, the trees, the paths are all a part of me somehow.

It seems to me that a childhood in the 70's and 80's meant growing up in a simpler time. We made our own fun, we played, imagined and lived out side. Climbing trees was a big past time for me; I swear I was part monkey. I saw this tree today in a clearing at the top of the hill where a few property lines collide. At one time you could see the whole Bay from this spot but the trees have grown and now tower across the view.

The tree beckoned. I haven't climbed a tree for quite some time. When Not-So-Little PurpleBoots was a small boy I proved to his naysaying frame that it could be done. He never really caught on. I guess Virgo boys aren't much into swinging in the tree tops these days, he was much too practical for such foolishness anyway.

This felt good today. The springy things were slightly confused by my monkeying around but they patiently sniffed around below waiting for me to come back down. Like riding a bike, or skating, one does not forget how to climb trees. It's just a bit harder to twist a 5'9" frame up and around the branches than it was a 5-foot-nothin' frame...but it can be done. And what's more? It should be done.

I'll cling to my childhood glee as long as I can.


  1. LOL.....I might have needed the fire department to get me down! I love the photo of the dogs looking up!

    Great quilt, I love the grey and yellow......must find me some.

  2. What a wonderful post to read with my morning coffee! Love seeing your quilt among the trees and so glad you got a chance to climb one!

  3. Quilt looks much bigger then first picture. Love the off centre star. You and your cohorts are slowly converting me. I am planning to investigate our acreage this summer, except it goes downhill into the unknown.

  4. I loved climbing trees when I was a kid.

  5. Oh, and what a great place to take "beauty shots" of your quilts. This quilt is lovely.

  6. What fun! I too like a good tromp around the woods, but it happens much less often than I like. Now that I have my own springy thing to me my hiking partner, I'm hoping to hit the hills more often as weather allows. :) I love the yellow and gray of your quilt. And the quilting is absolutely perfect!

  7. I love the Teddy Bear Picnic song! And yes, we had to make our own fun "back in the day." Love your quilt...yellow is so pretty.