Thursday, 4 February 2016

Forty, You Say?

It's Throwback Thursday over at A Quarter Inch From The Edge and Jen has a giveaway for gift certificate for $40 from Fabric Please. I know I'm trying to use up my stash this year, but c'mon people...even I couldn't resist a shot at winning some free fabric in midst of The Stashpocalypse! I'd encourage you to go ahead link up with her but I'd really hate to dilute the linkup and lessen my own chances of winning.

With the number 40 ringing loud and clear in my mind it made me think of a couple of quilts that were all about 40:

40 seems like a big number, especially if you think of it in terms of ones age. Turning forty is a milestone and one that I feel should be marked. In preparation for the big 4-0 during my 39th year I bought a Jeep that I'd always dreamed of, got my first tattoo and finally scored my long coveted Harley Davidson Fatboy. (Midlife crisis, anyone?) My sisters didn't do things up quite to that extent, but to help them in their celebrations I made them quilts.

Sister PurpleBoots Levy got this one...

A scrappy Twister that had my second ever attempt at free pieced letters on it. The 10" squares were swapped with members of a bee I sew of the fabrics were wild! several were vintage, others were just plain yucky. My bee mates referred to these flimsies as our "Ugly Quilts". I begged to differ, I actually really like them, but I couldn't convince them that they were really nice quilts!

Sister PurpleBoots King got this one...

A scrap-a-palooza masterpiece made of a whole grocery bag full of old-old-old tossed out scraps from one of those same bee members along with some of my own. The free pieced words on this one described how I felt about stitching all those bits together.

I have 2 more sisters to turn 40 in the next couple years, so there'll be 2 more "Celebrate 40" quilts to make. My eldest sister who was long past 40 got her quilt for Christmas one year... and my step sister who'd passed 40 long before I started this hasn't gotten hers yet...but I have uncovered the special fabric I bought for hers and she will turn 50...eventually.


  1. Both are great, but I love the Crazy one! We often say you don't have to be crazy to a be Girl Guide leader, but it helps. LOL

  2. Not a thing on earth wrong with attempting to supplement one's stash with winnings. Nothing at all. I love that you make 40th birthday quilts. There's gotta be something good about turning 4-0. Is it too late to put in an order?

  3. My birthday is in May, though I'm a bit shy of 40 so I guess I'll have to wait. :) Every time I see your word quilts, it makes me want to make all the improv words and quilt them. All those ideas are about ready to rattle my brain out of my skull, I tell yah! I love that you took 'uglies' and made such cool quilts with them!

  4. You are so creative! Your quilts are awesome! The scrappy crazy quilt is awesome!

  5. 40th birthday quilts? OK, let me put in my order. Just kidding - that shipped sailed a while ago... Your second quilt adds a new meaning to the term "crazywork"! So fun! I also like the scrappy Twister (I had to scroll back up for the proper name, in my mind, it was "Twisted Sisters". Yes, I lived through that era... Always fun to see your work, Val!

  6. Tesselations are so cool. Good work!