Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Sunday Morning After

I know what you're thinking. But let me explain.

Last night I was high as a kite when I went to bed, but not in the way you might think. I was high on the rush of not one, but TWO finishes in one day! So you know that I was just as high this morning when I got up. It's not everyday that I start and finish two projects. Sadly, I have no process photos to show you, my phone was out of reach when my brain was on fire and by now you all know that I can't stop for anything when I get in that state of "must-get-idea-out-now".

So intoxicated was I still this morning that I just had to get outside to take pictures to share with you guys first thing.

Like right away.

Before coffee.

Before feeding the springy things.

Before clothes even.

Socks might have been a good idea. But there's that little problem of not stopping when I'm all "must-get-that-idea-out-now".

Apparently that applies to picture taking too.
Stopping is overrated.
Even on freezing Sunday mornings.

I can feel my toes again now. And, the magical machine in the kitchen has beeped to signal that the Brown Holy Water is ready for consumption.
This is going to be a good day.

This is the best hangover ever.


  1. I love those hangovers. The best!

  2. I love those hangovers. The best!

  3. Just Fabulous, Girlie! What fun!

  4. LOVE the energy that comes bursting out of this post --

  5. Oh your poor little toes, mine would have frozen off! Lol. But when the quilting fire hits, it hits hard! Such a good start to a Sunday morning. :)

  6. Amazing!! Wow...can't believe you just whipped these up. Great job!

  7. Woo hoo! Two fab finishes in one day! And they're not even mini minis... or mug rugs as you call them. There appears to be something in your stash other that uglies and the odd skull print. :)

  8. These are great, Val. Two in one day, right? You wild thing... You'll have to report, did the coffee keep you going for another sewing-like-a-mad-woman day, or did you actually have to spend time with your family and doing boring laundry / cleaning / yawn / whatever???