Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Something To Kvell Over

Imagine getting up in the morning, pouring a cuppa, sitting down to catch up on the notifications of the morning and finding this as the word of the day! I barely slept last night. A combination of "brain-on-fire" and just wanting to stare at my evenings work...

I love new words and I love that Dictionary.com app on my Samsung devices that delivers me a new word everyday at 8am like clock work. This was absolutely the perfect verb for me today. You see, yesterday I finished the patchwork for Project: Kona Nerds, Unite!. With a bit of help from Voodoo Duck I pinned and stitched that long final seam that would finally marry the two halves of the flimsy. Talk about Monday night excitement!

Today I put on the borders. And gave it a final pressing....and though I had been racing the sunset to finish in time for an outdoor photo, I ran out of daylight. I so wanted to capture this outside so you could really see all that Kona Kandy in its glory, but the short January day would not hear of it. The bottom and left side borders are Ultra Marine. The top and right side borders are not brown like this silly photo suggests, they're purple...Hibiscus to be exact. All the colours are falling flat indoors, the only brown in the entire flimsy is found in the Chocolate block. This is why I wanted to get some pictures outside on that crisp white snow. Picture it...aah, yes.... Maybe another day this week will cooperate.

Now the question becomes: how do I quilt this monster? It's a big quilt coming out at 81"×100". In fact, the size makes it hard to photograph inside as I just don't have a spot to lay it out properly, here I moved my table and chairs to try the lighting in the kitchen in hopes the colours might translate better, but no. I disturbed all that roving dog hair under the table for nothing. It's also hard to take photos that show the top part as well as the bottom...the angle is annoying.

So, by now you might be wondering...Who Made What?

 JUNGLE by Lynne Tyler, New Hampshire, blogs at The Patchery Menagerie
 WASABI by Adrienne Klenk, Nova Scotia, blogs at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts
 POPPY & FOG by Dominique Gallant, Nova Scotia, blogs at The Running Thimble
 BLACK by Katina Chapman, of Nova Scotia
 HIBISCUS & COAL by Linda Smith, Nova Scotia, blogs at Scrapmaster
 TORCH & KALE by Anja Clyke, Nova Scotia, blogs at Anja Quilts
 BLUEGRASS & CANARY  by Jennifer, Kentucky, blogs at Little Black Cat Quilts
 CHINESE RED by Gale Bulkley, Ontario, blogs at Gale and The Scale
 AQUA by Heather Jarmyn, Prince Edward Island
 SKY by Susan Boudreau, Nova Scotia
 GRAPEMIST by Dena Emaneau, Nova Scotia
 POOL by Krista Fraser, Nova Scotia
 CITRUS by Aimee Semel, Nova Scotia, blogs at Candy Coated Quilts
 CHOCOLATE by Beth McKay, Nova Scotia

All the other blocks and bits are my own.

Now...about that roving dog hair...somebody pass the sticky roller!

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  1. So freakin' awesome! I'm a "hello, my name is Kona nerd" kind of girl too. You're so creative! Xxx

  2. Yeah!! It's awesome. Great job, Val. I didn't realize it was going to be so big.

  3. Fabulous quilt! Congrats to you!

  4. You sure do have reason to kvell about this quilt. It's sixteen kinds of spectacular. I love, love, love the way you've filled in the blank spaces and borders. The little houses, the trees, the diamonds, the squares... the stripe in the upper border... truly outstanding! You've got a masterpiece in the making here my friend, and do it a favor and THINK long and hard before quilting it. Word quilts are a real challenge to quilt.


    (Millie is the cat)

  5. Hi Valerie! I'm happy I found you from Lorna because I looove your quilt! This is super fantastic! I love Kona solids and letters and your improvised blocks are so beautiful! x Teje

  6. Valerie, I just spent my morning coffee time catching up on your blog posts and I must say, it was a delightful journey. I've been too negligent for too long. No excuses. But many apologies! Watching this quilt grow from its initial inception has been a delight. It has turned into a stunner, an original masterpiece, and an inspiration! I feel as though I can appreciate it even more since meeting you and getting to know you a little in person and through mutual friends. I absolutely cannot wait to see it quilted and yes, to be able to handle it in person during my next visit. Well done! XO and Happy New Year!

  7. It was certainly kismet to land on kvell at the same time you were finishing up. The quilt top's exuberance is a joy to behold.

  8. Not hard to see why you are kvelling!! What fun -- that quilt will always make people smile!

  9. Excellently done. I understand why you had a sleepless night because of excitement. I love all the variety you managed to put in there starting with the colors and their fonts to the spacers and borders. You have mastered Kona!

  10. Oh my goodness! That IS something to kvell about!!!! I can just picture all those colors popping against a snowy background.... ;)

  11. Oh, Valerie - that word is beyond fabulous and the quilt top is MAGNIFICENT. I agree with Lynne -- let it rest a bit and really think about how you want it to be quilted. Oh, the possibilities that lie ahead for this one!

  12. An absolute beyond wonderful quilt. Fantastic work by a bunch of Kona Nerds lol. Wonderful just wonderful. Hope you post a picture once it is quilted.

  13. AHHHHHHH! It's awesome!! You turned our group of random blocks into a one-of-a-kind creation. I love everything about this. :) Also, I like that you shared who made what; I had been meaning to ask about some of the blocks, now I've got a list of them all.

  14. Something just told me that kvell had be to Yiddish! And kvell away. That thing is wicked good! I only wish I had gotten off my ass and sent you a block so I could be a part of the awesomeness. As for quilting suggestions, sweet baby Jesus, I have no idea. A different bit of free motion-y ness in each colour or is that the drink talking?