Sunday, 27 December 2015

Snow Day...Kona Day

I had storm chips...and storm chocolate, storm whiskey and storm cookies. I also had a bit of time on my hands and the desire to dig out Project: Kona Nerds Unite! You might say I had everything a girl could ask for, seeing how there were even enough leftovers in the fridge to keep me from doing much in the kitchen come suppertime.

Mr. Purpleboots and Not-So-Little Purpleboots seriously spoiled me this year for Christmas. Among other things, they got me this simple little cabinet I've been pining over for my sewing corner. I'd like another one to help corral my mess in the corner of the rec room. Ever since The Robot came to roost in my sewing room I've had to resort to commandeering the corner as he takes up most of the floorspace in that wee room leaving no room for sewing. I'm not thrilled with the set up, but at least I have a spot. The boys aren't thrilled with my presence in there as it means the overhead lights need to be on when I want to sew. Problem? Seems these bright light cast a glare on the television screen. Poor Petals. At least they don't complain too much. They do seem to like my cooking so are treading lightly in the complaint department lest I get annoyed and go on strike or worse.

Once we put the little cabinet together last night, I dug out a couple lil wooden whiskey crates that I'd squirrelled away quite some time ago. These make great hiding spots for some of my threads. I'm going to drill and put dowels in the bottoms of them eventually to tame the roly poly spools...eventually. I might even stain them with something to age them a bit...might. Rome wasn't built in a day! My Rome ain't likely to be built in a 100 days!

So...about that Kona.

I love Kona. Have I told you that lately? I managed to get another row attached to the top half. I cut a whack of little 60* triangles to form a row of joining patchwork, made some other weird bits & pieces and whipped up some checkerboards too. I am totally swooning over the aqua and cardinal together. Yum. I have no idea how long this flimsy will be at its completion, but the width at present is 76" so it'll be a good sized quilt.

(And seriously. The SKY block...check out that is HAND PIECED and covered in awesome sauce! Wow! Some Kona Nerds are hardcore.)

I forgot to take process photos. But, I did manage to grab a shot or two of my mess. Kona Nerds are notoriously messy creatures I hear...or maybe it's just this one in particular. Quilty folks with design walls (as opposed to design floors like me) can't possibly have THIS much mess fun. This jumbled "layout" happened right about the time Mr. Purbleboots came home to a warm and exuberant greeting from the Springy Things...laminate flooring is clearly too damn slick to turn sharp corners on for the two 4 footed speed demons that reside here. At any rate, the mess was gratifying and easily tidied up just like the chocolates I opened earlier. If you look closely at the photo below you'll see that Cooter left his orange ball by the Project...poor dog got tired of begging me to go play and instead snoozed the afternoon away in the big chair.

The snow outside? Well, that's not tidied up...or exactly gratifying in any way. Oh well, there are chippies and there is whiskey. And while there may not be snow worthy ambition, there's always more Kona.


  1. Giggle, you do have a way with words, and fabric. Snow days are wonderful when you have food, booze and a plan.

  2. It's looking good. Keep going. Today was a good sew day...after I went shopping. And I'm done with winter...just shovelled for the second time. Although I know I should be grateful the plow has been by twice already, when normally my street is the last to be done.

  3. Storms always seem to give me the munchies, especially snow storms! I love what you're doing with this quilt top, so much color. :) A messy craft space is a happy craft space (at least that's what I tell myself to keep from cleaning as much! LOL).

  4. I like the idea of a spool tamer.

  5. Hooray for snowdays! I do love a good story of organization, and then you add vices and I am in heaven :) Love your spool holders and still swooning over the Kona. You have gotten me inspired to start a word quilt which I have had in my head for years and years. Excited!

  6. Loving how it's coming together. Snow days are the greatest! Especially when the sewer & the sewing machine are together in one space! I do miss my sewing corner in your space tho..... It's blistering outside today. Does this mean more kona kreating?

  7. Great post -- love the way your Kona Nerds Unite quilt top is coming together -- truly truly gorgeous!

  8. Kona. Ah... Kona. I'm loving how this is all coming together. Trust you to create little bits of pieced loveliness to join them. If only I had gotten off my ass and sent you one. Grrr (totally self-directed grrr). Can't wait to see what you came up with on today's snow day! :)