Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Snow Day...Kona Day: TAKE TWO

So when I left you a couple days ago I was here...

Looked alright, hey? Yah...but....

When I looked at it I immediately had regrets about that little spot in the joining patchwork between the rows where the colourful triangles turn into a deep blue strip. Had I planned more carefully (or at all!) I could have made what hinted at an arrow an actual arrow. If only...sigh...

You know me...or at least by now you should if you've been reading along for any length of time. I don't like to go back. And, I rarely do. But this spot with all that wasted potential has been eating at me...calling out to me...driving me crazy. I've lost sleep over it. (*Well not really...the lost sleep was more of a side effect of a teenage boy who plays Xbox online, rather loudly, with other creatures of the darkness his friends half the night long; I am almost certain the intent of this teenage activity is soley to torture the over tired parents who attempt sleep in the next room.)  Anyway, while I was awake at 2am my thoughts drifted between this little arrow and the one I wanted to poke in my eye. Or his eye. Take your pick.

So...this afternoon I got out my handy dandy stitch ripper, cut & added in a couple more wee triangles and sewed things back up.

See? So much better! It's the small things that get me every time.

Sometimes reverse is a necessary gear...and sometimes a snow day gives you just the time and all the permission you need to go back, Jack.


  1. It's a lovely little arrow... if it was going to eat at you, it's worth the time to go back and fix it! :)

  2. Sometimes the small details are the ones that nag at you the most! I like the little surprise arrow, kudos for breaking out that seam ripper to make it happen. :) By the way, I have a creature of the night also (my husband). He's learned that waking up the lady of the house comes with dire consequences...and I learned to sleep with a loud fan to cover up some of the noise. Lol.

  3. The arrow looks great. Snow stormed again....sigh......

  4. This is such a cool quilt. Looking fabulous

  5. This quilt is so awesome! Love the little change you made too!