Tuesday, 3 February 2015

I'd Rather Be Fishing

It's true. In fact, almost anything would have been better than chipping ice and shoveling snow outside in this 'freeze-your-butt-off' kind of weather...but it had to be done. Last nights storm ended up being a doozy; the upswing in temperature overnight made for a lot of ice pellets and freezing rain which makes the clean up particularly difficult, not to mention time consuming.

Since all of my clients canceled due to icy frustrations similar to my own I wound up with a bit of a snow day on my hands. Avoidance is key to play time so I have stayed away from the messy kitchen and have been steadfast in keeping my eyes up off the dog hair laden floors concentrating instead on staying warm near the fire and my quilting nook.

Yesterday I had thrown the wee fish quilt on the frame and so I decided to finish it up today... nothing fancy, just fun, like the simple card game it mentions or the act it might inspire on a day much warmer than this one, the little quilt brightened up an otherwise dull day.


  1. Adorable! Hope you're weather's warmed up a little.

  2. I have that orange fabric with the yellow dots, and guess what? I made a fish out of it!

    Thanks for stopping by Quilts and dogs, and I hope you do get started on that t-shirt quilt soon!

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