Friday, 13 February 2015

Bacon, um, I mean...Love Is All You Need.

I've been looking forward to a lazy Friday all week. Any day that can involve staying in pajamas and a massage has got to be a great day. Today started just like that with my friend making a house call for a little massage therapy. Shoveling has taken its toll, so a wee tune-up was in order. To make lugging her table over here worthwhile my sister joined my efforts for a lazy day and had herself a bit of a tune-up as well. Once we were all done and feeling pretty much like putty we took some time to sit, chat and just enjoy each others company...that's when the hunger pangs kicked in. It wasn't long before the three of us had cheffed up some brunchy sandwiches that involved lots of (you guessed it) bacon!

I love bacon. I love it almost as much as chocolate, but I don't often indulge. I am what one might call 'bacon deprived'. Having bacon on a regular basis is kind of like walking a slippery slope, a slope as slick as the surface of a pan that has cooked the delectable treat. I simply dare not go there...nothing good would come from developing a regular bacon eating practice. I am wise in the ways of food addiction; my spirit ruled by the need for chocolate, whiskey and the Brown Holy Water. I refuse to add bacon to the list, no matter how much it's chewy, salty goodness pleads with my taste buds.

Of course you know that no jammie day would be complete without a bit of sewing but I am in between machines right now due an unfortunate experience with my most recent addition. The fancy new Pfaff was returned this week and I'm waiting for a different model to arrive. Since The Enabler is away, I was lucky enough to have her permission to use 'Rosie', her new Brother Innov-is sewing machine. I have taken Rosie for a bit of a test drive over the last 3 days...she is a lovely machine. To celebrate my love of bacon it seemed appropriate to do something fun with that delicious piggy fabric we had quilted up last weekend. The butcher diagrams on the pig made me dream of bacon the whole time it was in the frame (surprise, surprise) so I felt something to use in the kitchen might be good. Voila! A Friday finish: new oven mitts! How cute are these? I just love them!

Valentines Day is upon us again. Thoughts of love all around...I love my family and my friends.  The flowers, cards, chocolate, and today, bacon...that's all part of it too of course...but to love and to be loved, that's all that really matters.