Sunday, 18 March 2018

Well...Hello Again!

Betcha thought I forgot all about you guys?!
Truth is, I haven't forgotten at all...I've just been a neglectful blogger, and a busy one too.

So much has taken place over the last year! There's a new house, a new hair shoppe to work in, a new quilting room, a different head get it, right? 
So. Much. Change.

The last time I chatted with you I talked about being "in the middle". I guess you could say I am approaching the other end of the spectrum now. Life has settled down somewhat and I am finding a new rhythm. It's not always easy to learn to dance to a new rhythm but it is definitely essential to try to master the steps and keep the beat no matter how overwhelming the drums sound at times. 

Here at the new house the renovations have finally ended (for now at least) and we can sit back and enjoy the space. If ever you wonder how solid your relationship might be with your significant other I suggest you purchase an old house and renovate it...together. If at the end of things you can still find love in your heart and patience in your soul for your partner, chances are you'll survive almost any holy hell that life can throw your way. 

We left the little safe haven we'd been renting and moved in here before things were even close to finished in July. With renos in full swing I had some surgery (ouch!) early in September and then moved the hair shoppe into the new studio I had built in the garage by the end of the same month. The move up the road toward the community center has proven to be a positive step and the business has grown steadily...location, location! Closer to the city and to all the amenities here in what I call "The High Tant" means life requires less time in the Jeep and provides more time to "just be". That's not to say that I don't miss seeing that ocean everyday...and I sure do miss the sunsets down the road...but holy cow, when things are right at your fingertips life gets simplified pretty damn quick.

On the quilty front, moving my hoard to yet another too small sewing space sure does challenge ones creative genius in the set-up department and it goes without saying that moving The Robot was a task all in itself. With all that dust settled and all the fabric & related bits squared away in their new hidey-holes I vowed that I'd get back on track in 2018 and get some fun stuff done!

Yes, Klenck Junk is FINALLY finished! More on that later...

Stay tuned for the details on this fresh madness... Fish Out Of Water

And while there may have been little on the blogging front,
rest assured that on the aquisition front things were always in full swing!

Getting back to my guild was first on the list...I really missed my quilty peeps! I've been doing some quilting with The Robot, building a bit of patchwork here & there and working a tonne of hours at the real job to fund all the things. Mr. Recipes (that's my love) has been muttering about my bloggy silence and encouraging me to get active in this space again. So here I am...getting back on track, finding that new rhythm.

Let the drums play on.
I've got some dancing to do.


  1. I completely understand being so busy that blogging falls to the wayside! I'm just getting back into the swing of reading updates and was thrilled to see your post. 😊 Congrats on finishing home renovations! I'm so very close with the inside of my house and I can imagine how exciting that is. Glad to hear you're getting to get back with your guild, I'm sure they missed you too! 😊

  2. We did miss you! A lot! So glad that life is settling down to new normal and your quilty again. My blogging has been horrible too but I am trying really hard to keep it up. So much to distract us.

  3. It is absolutely true on renovations and testing a relationship. We've done it twice now. A house in the city and the 100 year old home we bought. We finally finished renovations on our oldie but strong home after 5 years. We pretty much changed everything. Missing out on the quilty time can be a drag! Not to mention all the cleaning that has to be done! Glad to see you're out of being in the middle and on the other side :)

  4. So SO happy to find your blog post today!! Happy for these changes in your life, too. Looking forward to reading your thoughts here more often and a big WELCOME BACK!!!!!

  5. It's so nice to read from you again!

  6. Welcome back!! So glad to hear things are starting to settle down. Thanks to Mr. Recipes for the encouragement.

  7. So so happy to see your post! Glad things are good in your world and settling into what sounds like a wonderful new normal.

  8. The house and shop looked great when we were there. But I have to admit, it will be good to have you out of radio silence! Looking good!