Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Weight of Love

Valentines day. Love is in the air...

What better day to dig into the Jack tin and set to work on the "Weight of Love" quilt that I started in November when the MMQG brought quilter extraordinaire Libs Elliot to town for a workshop.

I pulled some yardage from my stash with these incredible fishies swimming in a bright orange sea and then dug into the shelf of fat quarters for a bunch of supporting fabrics. True to my "just giv'er" style I didn't plan, count or otherwise predetermine anything about the fabric placement. I am always happiest just winging it!

I fussy cut all the fishes and cut up a whack of triangles and half hexies to prepare myself for the workshop, packed up Voodoo Duck and all my gear and headed off to the classroom.

Libs says that Y-seams aren't supposed to be cry seams. I've never really had trouble with them so my progress was uninhibited by the little buggers. Things went together quite smoothly until I got bored with the monotony  of repetitive sewing. Y'all know how much that bothers me. I think I got 6 or 7 rows completed that day.

I've pulled it out a couple times since but haven't really felt compelled to jump back in the fish bowl and do anything with it.

Until today...we've entered back into the hell that is Snova Scotia in February; yesterday's storm has dumped in excess of 50cm of snow and my back is too sore to shovel. So, I'm off to swim with the fishes instead.


  1. 50 cm is about 19 inches. I feel your pain. We got 14" one day last week, then another 3" on Saturday and then another 12" on Sunday. They have to come and shovel my roof. Thank goodness for the sewing studio.

  2. Glad I'm not there! I'm loving your fabric choices for your Weight of Love quilt! I look forward to seeing it completed! XO

  3. The fish are cute. Can't wait to see more of your project. Enough already with the snow!!!

  4. I grew up in snow country - very happy that I live where it rarely snows now (although I do miss the crisp clean smell of cold air). Swim happy!