Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Stashpocal-Wah? Part 2: The Full Disclosure

Ok. Ok.
There's more.

Yesterdays admission wasn't the whole story. Apparently "walkers" are also good at conveniently forgetting the whole truth...the fever clearly attacks the section of the brain that controls memory function.

All that new fabric had to go somewhere. If you remember back in January when the Stashpocalypse came upon us I had toppling towers of fat quarters. Those already precarious towers were in no way able to bear the weight of all the new acquisitions. A strategy would be necessary to contain the carnage.

(Oh. Wait. I'm getting ahead of my self...the sound of the woodpecker relentlessly drilling into the aluminum eaves trough is proving to be rather distracting.
Stupid bird. Stupid ADHD.)

Earlier this week I received a text from my good pal and foraging expert "Timbit" asking me if I knew anyone who might want to buy "this too cool to toss old chopping block table"?

Um...of course I knew someone. Me!! So it came to live in my sewing corner. I am head over heels in love with this 30" × 72", super solid 200lb vintage behemoth but it required a full on shake up of the sewing corner to make it fit. I had absolutely no plans of rearranging things down there but when opportunity strikes a walker walks.

Scratch head. Shuffle. Sort. Stack. Scratch head. Repeat.
(*OmiDog...the dust...cough...who lives here? These people are slobs. And when is the maid coming back?) Suddenly I found myself with a bookcase and a cupboard that had no place to live.

End result?

And it was during the stacking that I found this...

4 more hunks of cloth that had attached themselves to me in Mahone Bay a couple weeks back that were cleverly hiding in the mass grave of textile goodness already forgotten. Good thing that table made its way into this house! Without it I might never have unearthed that fabric and Not-So-Little PurpleBoots would never have gotten those deer pillowcases...which in turn would have meant he'd have had nothing on which to shed the tears he'll cry when he realizes he's doomed to a future of dead end jobs and dumpster diving without a college education.

What can I say?
Walkers gonna walk.


  1. What a fantastic table (and cascade of events) ---- I do SO enjoy the way you tell your stories!!!!!!

  2. Oh had to clean up your space.....too bad nothing like that happens to me.

  3. Love your fun update. Wait! I see lots of room under the table to store stash!

  4. What a great table! Good for you for repurposing it. And congrats for rediscovering that fabric!

  5. I love the new set up. Too funny that you found forgotten fabric. I love it!!! Maybe instead of a care package, I need to organize a fundraiser. Poor child. ha ha ha ha ha

  6. awesome table. Gosh you make me smile every time I read your blog. Thanks!

  7. That is one sweet table! Love it! Love that grey one on the top of the pile from Mahone Bay. Love that awesome wallhanging lol

  8. Awesome table , that is going to be so helpful in your sewing space !

  9. Awesome table , that is going to be so helpful in your sewing space !

  10. Ooooh. That table. Drool worthy. The deer print? I'm not so sure. Would you put Mossy Oak or Real Tree with that?

  11. The woodpecker is twitterpating.