Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Betcha Can't Make Just One...

Such was the case with the Noodlehead cross body bag I made a couple weeks ago out of some cargo shorts belonging to Not-So-LittlePurpleBoots...

That one "zombie-fied" bag led to an almost identical second bag which led to a trip to the thrift shop...more cargo pants and belts please!
  **if you're careful and creative you can get 2 bags from one pair of men's cargo pants but I suggest you start with a size 30 or larger if you plan for two.

That in turn led to a trip to Avonport Discount Fabrics in the Valley...because I needed denim needles and a few certain lining fabrics...some of which I've used already...

Somehow these super-cute Christmas fabrics managed to follow me home, not sure how that happened?! Or when I'll find time to use them...

And, no trip to Avonport is complete without a root through the Kona remnant bin...


All of these steps led to this...

5 more bags looking all cute and ready for giving and about that many more in the wings. Good thing "I like" repetitive sewing... *snort*

If you're looking for a fun idea for Christmas prezzies to gift that won't break your piggy bank, have a huge impact on landfill or take a tonne of time this just might be what you're looking for.

But be warned...they're addictive.


  1. These are too cute! And all the pretty fabric, I nearly drooled! ;) You've got quite the assembly line going on, awesome job!

  2. You have been busy. Going to have to check out that pattern.

  3. Uh. Did I make that Christmas list? They look fantastic.

  4. Ack! C+S Tinsel at Avonport! I might have to jump in the car right now. Oh wait. The babies are sleeping. Damn. Those bags are wicked good. So much fun. I wonder if I have time to whip one up for Miss K and if Himself will miss that pair of cargo pants he has?

  5. I'm on your special list, right? Damn these are adorable as hell.

  6. You are on fire with the bags! Love them all. After seeing one being made, I am going to give one a try too.